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Zombotron 2 is a game created by AntKarlov. It is the continuation of Zombotron 1. It has many new additions like new bosses, new guns, melee weapons, new creatures and secret items. Unlike the first game the sequel has a storyline.


The controls used for Zombotron 2 are the same as they are in Zombotron 1. The W, A, S, D keys are used for running and jumping and the mouse is used to aim and shoot. You can change most controls in the configure menu.


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This article contains plot details about an upcoming episode.

As the character in Zombotron 1 continues through the depths of the Planet Zombotron, a spaceship crashes into him leaving him dead. Inside the Ship is a new character. He fights Zombies and Spiders through his way and meets a Scientist. The player tells the scientist that he needs to find a way off the planet. The scientist agrees but with a condition to clear his warehouse that is full of spiders so he can work on his project. As the player defeats the Spider Boss, he meets the Scientist again. The scientist gives him the keys to the Zombomobile, an armored car. The player fights his way through and meets a Miner who tells him the bridge to the space base has collapsed.  He battles robots and meets two rat-like boss. Once into the space base, he runs into a Mutant and asks a way to get to the ship. The mutant tells him the base is under their control. The player must fight his way into the hangar, where he sees the Scientists project (A gigantic robot) and destroys it. After then the Scientist comes out and tells the player that he worked on the project for years and shoots at the player. The player eventually kills the Scientist and goes out of the room. The player finds a spaceship, but it is in bad condition. He then walks out the room, and the screen blacks out.



Zombotron 2 has two NPCs (non player characters) being an addition in the sequel that the first game did not have.