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Zombotron is a game taking place in a world unfamiliar to your character.

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The world is vast and deserted, filled with mindless monsters and overgrowth taking over abandoned manmade facilities.


List of levels.


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Welcome to the planet Zombotron, inhabited by zombies. Nobody knows where they came from or what they eat, but we know one thing – they are ready to destroy everything that moves. Bio-robots were created to rid the planet from evil, you are one of them. Will you be able to complete this mission?

—-Opening description for the game.

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Main menu of the Zombotron game.


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Zombotron is a 2D action platformer game created by AntKarlov.


The mouse is used to aim and shoot, W-A-S-D keys are used to move around the game world, hitting the H button uses a medkit and E performs actions (such as opening chests using elevators. ect).


Zombotron takes place on a planet called Zombotron, that is inhabited with Zombies that destroy everything that moves. There are also robots, skeletons and a mutated monster on later levels. It is theorised by some that maybe there could have been an experiment gone wrong because there are test tubes throughout the levels containing human bodies which may have led to some problem.


There are ten levels in the game, also refered to as the "system of laboratories".

List of levels.

Starting point on the first level.



Death chains[]

  • Silent death, when you kill an enemy without it seeing you.
  • Double death, when you kill two enemies near the same time.
  • Triple death, when you kill three enemies near the same time.
  • Crazy self death
  • Multi death.
  • Mega death.
  • Headshot
  • Double Headshot
  • Triple Headshot
  • Mega Headshot

More will be added.