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In Zombotron 2 and Zombotron 2: Time Machine, it is seen hanging on the maps. Occasionally there are remnants of human limbs in (as seen in Zombotron 1), or hanging from a rope. They Are hostile towards all other entities. They're Stronger than the gray robots, and red robots.Like Zombies, Skeletons are undead creatures. Their old-fashioned combat equipment (horned helmets, swords and shields) may suggest an ancient origin. As the first skeleton encountered in the series attacks the player as the latter opens a chest in an underground area, it may be supposed that these enemies are treasure keepers from a remote past.

Normal Skeleton[]

The typical skeletons, armed with swords. They Are The easiest skeleton to kill because their whole body is exposed.

Skeletons can come with shields with spikes and swords to make them more difficult to kill. The best way to eliminate them is to aim at their heads.

Skeleton Helmet

This is the most difficult skeleton to kill, because they are the most armored. They Have a Viking-style helmet that will protect them from some attempts at headshot (before falling), along with a shield and a sword.