Robots are the second creatures encountered in Zombotron 1, in Zombotron 2 they are the third, and in Zombotron 2: Time Machine, they are the forth. Robots were used for mining in the colonization of the planet, but once abandoned a coding error made them attack living things.



Normal robots have more health than zombies and carry a mining tool. They can show up in red or gray colors.



Red Robot

Red Robots have a rusty red color and are slightly easier to kill than the gray ones. They can be killed by three shots from a pistol, rifle, or machine gun and one shot from a shotgun. They carry shovels to attack the hero.



Gray Robot

The gray robots carry pickaxes to fight and are harder to kill than the red ones. A pistol can kill them in four shots and a shotgun can kill them in two shots. One of them is Harry, Fina's robot.



Wheeled Turret

Although not technically a robot, turrets are still machines and could be considered robotic. Turrets move on wheels and can only face/move in one direction. Turrets have a large minigun, and will rapidly shoot at anything that moves. You need to shoot the light on top of the turret to destroy it or keep on shooting it. They explode after (roughly) 2 seconds when killed. They drop two coins. They are no longer in any levels after level 9 in Zombotron. They cannot be killed by enemies (except for other turrets).

Defense Robot/Golden RobotEdit


Golden Robot

These robots have a grenade launcher on their side of their arm. They use it as a melee weapon or a long range weapon. They are seen in Zombotron 2. They are very deadly, as one shot from their grenade launcher will kill an unarmored player. They are best dispatched with headshots (although explosives will do just fine). They are encountered after the grey and red robots. They fire the same grenades as the grenade launcher.

Robomachine: This is the final boss in Zombotron 2. It shoots multiple missiles at once and throws fireballs akin to the Boss Monsters' that explode on contact. It also attacks in close combat. This invention is the scientist's and the color is orange-red/grey. Zombotron 2: Time Machine has two red Robomachines that act like the one from Zombotron 2. It is the most powerful enemy in the game.