Mutants are the third most dangerous enemy encountered in Zombotron 2. They Carry an assault rifle


A Green Mutant

(cannot be equipped) and wear metal armour. There is only one type of mutants, but they come different colors (green, orange). They might be the third, forth, of fifth most dangerous enemy in Zombotron 2 Time Machine (bio-bots, grenade launcher, Boss Monster, and the scientist's invention). They first appear in Stage 14 in Zombotron 2. They are last seen in Stage 16 of Zombotron 2: Time Machine protecting another invention.


An Orange Mutant

They deal a lot of damage, and are best dispatched either at long range or by going for a


A Mutant Firing His Assault Rifle

headshot. They are easily eliminated by using explosive or automatic weapons. Mutants will fire three times when attacking, pause for a second, then repeat the process until the threat is nullified, after which they will patrol about. This may indicate their rifles are on a three-round burst setting. Mutants make the same death sound effect as zombies. They attack everything except the professor and his inventions.


Mutants talking to each other

Mutants appear to be in league with the scientist, and protect him in the last mission.

After the death of the scientist, the mutants are still on the planet. They are seen being attacked by bio-bots multiple time. In the majority of the cases, the mutants are defeated by their superior enemy. They have the same health as the biobots, but their weapon is different.The 357 can damage them very well,or some automatic weapons.