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''<nowiki/>''[[File:Zombotron.jpg|thumb|right|259px|Part of the planet, Zombotron.]]

'''Zombotron''' is the planet that the [[Zombotron (game)|zombotron game]] takes place at. Zombotron seems to be a rundown planet that was taken over by zombies, skeletons, and a couple of different robots. There are also mutants, but only in the second game. Not much about the planet itself is known. There is a door after the Boss Monster where Zombotron 2 and Zombotron 2: Time Machine takes place.

"During the colonization of the planet, people built several laboratories to create bio-bots to clean the planet from evil, but something was wrong and they started attacking everyone and every thing annihilating most of the humans on the planet and forcing the rest into hiding. There were no people on the planet Zombotron, but those laboratories still operate under the computer's control." -Description of the first game.

There is a lot of mystery around this, as the second game shows has two humans (the scientist and the miner), and implies there were more at one point. It is possible the laboratories are run by the scientist and the mutants, which would also explain why neither are seen in the first game. The third game also shows three people living on the planet.

The planet has orbital space defenses that target passing spaceships and shoot them down to make sure that anyone can enter the planet but no one can leave the planet or else the ship will just get shot down.
There are bounderies at the end of the map. Getting stuck in a shop proves that you can fall out the map. There isn't anything in the walls. It is possible to fall through the floor upon going back to an area with a closed door.
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