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Elevators are interactive objects in both games. They take the player to different areas that are inaccessable otherwise.


The elevators are the same in both games. They are an orange color with small railings. The bottom has gears and purple cords.


  • Zombies without some sort of head protection can be crushed and killed by an elevator that is going down.
  • You can kill any enemy without a helmet with an elevator.
  • An elevator can break if you hold down the E key for too long. In Zombotron 2 & Zombotron 2: Time Machine, elevators can't be broken anymore.
  • At the start of Zombotron 2: Time Machine, the elevator breaks as soon as you turn it on to go down.
  • Elevators can break if they are supposed to or not.
  • Elevators are used on the giant truck for Zombotron 2: Time Machine to enter it partially due to the tires being gears that can one-hit you and kill you.