A Golden Chest

 Chests are interactive items hidden in both Zombotron and Zombotron 2. There are three kinds of chests and they all give the player something they can use in the game, be it a medkit, armour, coins or ammo. Chests can be shot at (if the player wanted to move the chest off a ledge) but cannot be stood on. Shortly after being opened, chests disappear. In Zombotron , if you die while both of your weapons have 0/0 ammunition, then a chest (filled with ammunition) will spawn with you when you respawn. Therefore, it is possible to get 'unlimited' ammo by constantly dying and spawning dozens of chests.

Silver Coffers (Regular Chests)Edit

The easiest chests to find in the game, these chests contain normal items, such as:

  • first aid kits
  • ammunition
  • armor

Silver Coffers (Coin Chests)Edit

There are 25 coin chests hidden in the first Zombotron game. There are also some in Zombotron 2. They are harder to find than regular chests and only contain coins.

Golden ChestsEdit

Golden chests are found on every level and are only in Zombotron 2 and Zombotron 2 Time Machine. They contain the items in the game which boost your stats, with items including:

  • life container (life reserve is increased by 20%)
  • professor's armor
  • military armor (the resulting damage you take will be 40% less)
  • great belt (allows you to carry more than two weapons)
  • hit pill (accuracy is increased by 10%)
  • roomy backpack (allows you to carry another weapon)
  • Helmets (reduces max damage by 10% each)