The Ceiling Spider appears in Zombotron 2: Time Machine. It hangs from the ceiling of the stage and shoots a tongue at all entities that wander too close, including the player. It then attempts to devour it.

Appearance and BehavourEdit

It can be found in Stage 3 eating another Spider. It streches its tougue at what ever it tries to eat. It


A Ceiling Spider eating a Yellow Spider

sometimes isn't really smart and eats TNT.


  • You: Upon touching it, you lose 30 health/armour.
  • Fina: Sometimes tries to shoot it and resists but sometmes doesn't do anything.
  • Zombie: All zombies don't resist when caught (Except for bomb zombie who explodes the spider).
  • Spiders: They eat spiders (land) and like zombies, spiders don't resist.
  • Robot: gets eaten and does not fight back.
  • Objects: The tnt will explode when eaten, boxes and crates get destroyed, and the lorry isn't affected by the spider and kills the spider if the tongue gets overstretched.
  • Mutant: Usually kills the spider with its gun before it gets eaten.
  • Biobot: Like the mutant, sometimes kills the spider but sometimes doesn't do anything.
  • Skeleton: Like the zombies and spiders, they don't resist either,