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The Ceiling Spider appears in Zombotron 2: Time Machine. It hangs from the ceiling of the stage and shoots a tongue at all entities that wander too close, including the player. It then attempts to devour it.

Appearance and Behavour[]

Even if it is classified as a spider, it does not resemble a spider at all: this creature has a big mouth with four claw-like fangs and a long sticky tongue which can be stretched out to swallow preys. It has red skin and green veins around the body. The ceiling spider can be found in Stage 3 eating another Spider. It streches its tougue at what ever it tries to eat. It

A Ceiling Spider eating a Yellow Spider

sometimes isn't really smart and eats TNT. When the spider dies, the corpse unroots himself from the surface he was attached to and falls on the ground, sometimes revealing chests or barrels (probably swallowed). If his tongue is attached to a vehicle, you can start the engine and the spider will be eradicated from the ceiling and die.


  • You: Upon touching it, you lose 30 health/armour.
  • Fina: Sometimes tries to shoot it and resists but sometmes doesn't do anything.
  • Zombie: All zombies don't resist when caught (Except for bomb zombie who explodes the spider).
  • Spiders: They eat spiders (land) and like zombies, spiders don't resist.
  • Robot: gets eaten and does not fight back.
  • Objects: The tnt will explode when eaten, boxes and crates get destroyed, and the lorry isn't affected by the spider and kills the spider if the tongue gets overstretched.
  • Mutant: Usually kills the spider with its gun before it gets eaten.
  • Biobot: Like the mutant, sometimes kills the spider but sometimes doesn't do anything.
  • Skeleton: Like the zombies and spiders, they don't resist either,