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Bio-bot with a gun.

  The Bio-Bot is a strong enemy that uses rapid fire weaponry. You play as an unnamed bio-bot throughout Zombotron the protagonist then disappears from the series (although you still fight them). The biobot carries the assualt rifle weapon from the original game, and fires in 3 round bursts. It swings the butt of the gun as its melee attack.

  Bio-Bots seem to be very organized, as they are sometimes seen using machinical traps and driving vehicles [vehicles 1] to transport goods or to attack. As the first Bio-Bot gets crushed by the player's spaceship at the beginning of Zombotron 2, Bio-Bots see him as a threat and want to destroy him.


The biobot's name is revealed in Stage 3 of Zombotron 2 and mentioned in Stage 3 of Zombotron 2: Time Machine. It is in Zombotron from the first level to the last. It is last seen on Stage 16 of Zombotron 2: Time Machine.


  • Zombie: Is stronger than zombies and attacks them.
  • Robot: Attacks robots and is weaker than the granade launcher.
  • Skeleton: Is stronger than skeletons and attacks them.
  • Friend and Player: Attacks both but is weaker than them.
  • Spider: Is stronger than spiders and attacks them.
  • Mutant: Is as strong as mutants and attacks them.
  • Robomachine: Is weaker than a Robomachine and doesn't attack it. They try to go past it but get killed.
  • Boss Monster: Is weaker than a Boss Monster but never interacts with it .

They are the forth of fifth strongest in Zombotron 2: Time Machine.
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