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The Hero(Zombotron1)

This is the article about the hero. If you were looking for the enemy,


see Biobot (enemy)

The Bio-bot is the character you play as in Zombotron 1 and leader and founder of Biobot army. The game description says more than Bio-Bot was created, but none other than the player are seen in the game (until Zombotron 2 Time machine).

Zombotron 1[]

The Bio-robot from Zombotron 1 was sent to the planet to destroy the zombies and other creatures that were infesting Planet Zombotron. It has red pants and shirt and a silver helmet, gloves, and shoulder pads with the visor on the helmet being red. This Bio-bot defeats the boss monster and succeeds in its mission, but as seen in the beginning of Zombotron 2, it is killed by a spaceship crashing into the planet.

Zombotron 2[]

The player in Zombotron 2 does not appear to be a Bio-Bot. The scientist states, "You don't look like zombie or a bio-bot." The player in Zombotron 2 is an explorer sent to search for rare minerals when shot down by the space defenses orbiting Zombotron. Zombotron 2 time machine

The same player from Zombotron 2. Here, the biobot had taken over the space base and our one of our enemies. They capture the the hero who is later saved by Fina